The mysterious world of breed codes

All showing organizations have their own breed and color codes and they all seem to be different.  In an attempt to make things clearer for the cat fanciers world wide I show some Persian colors with the relevant codes from different organizations.  If there is a code I have missed or I don't have the codes of your show organization please let me know and I will include them here.

Color/Organization G.C.C.F. T.I.C.A.* C.F.A.* FIFE
Black 1 PS BKOXXXXC 108 PER n
White (Blue Eyed) 2 PS WHOXXXXB 100 PER w61
White (Orange Eyed) 2a PS WHOXXXXC 102 PER w62
White (Odd Eyed) 2b PS WHOXXXXO 104 PER w63
Blue 3 PS BLOXXXXC 106 PER a
Red (Solid) 4 PS RDOXXXXC 110/112** PER d
Cream 5 PS CROXXXXC 114 PER e
Smoke (Black) 6 PS BKOXXMXC 134 PER ns
Blue Smoke 6a PS BLOXXMXC 138 PER as
Chocolate Smoke 6b PS CHOXXMXC   PER  bs
Lilac Smoke 6c PS LIOXXMXC   PER cs
Red Smoke 6d PS RDOXXMXC 164 PER ds
Tortie Smoke 6e PS BKTXXMXC 124 PER fs
Cream Smoke 6f PS CROXXMXC 168 PER es
Blue Cream Smoke 6g PS BLTXXXMC 1138 PER as
Chocolate Tortie Smoke 6h PS CHTXXMXC   PER hs
Silver Tabby 7 PS SVOCXXXC* 136 PER s21
Blue Silver Tabby 7a PS BLOCXIXC 1113 PER 
Chocolate Silver Tabby 7b PS CHOCXIXC   PER 
Lilac Silver Tabby 7c PS LIOCXIXC   PER 
Red Silver Tabby 7d PS RDOCXIXC   PER
Tortie Silver Tabby 7e PS BKTCXIXC   PER
Lilac Tortie Silver Tabby 7f PS LITCXIXC   PER
Brown Tabby 8 PS BROCXXXC 144 PER n21
Blue Tabby 8a PS BLOCXXXC 152 PER a21
Chocolate Tabby 8b PS CHOCXXXC   PER b21
Lilac Tabby 8c PS LIOCXXXC   PER c21
Tortie Tabby 8e PS BKTCXXXC 158 PER f21
Cream Tabby 8f PS CROCXXXC   PER e21
Blue Tortie Tabby 8g PS BLTCXXXC   PER g21
Chocolate Tortie Tabby 8h PS CHTCXXXC   PER h21
Lilac Tortie Tabby 8j PS LITCXXXC   PER j21
Red Tabby 9 PS RDOCXXXC 140/142 PER d21
Chinchilla 10 PS SVOXXCXC 130 PER 
Tortoiseshell 11 PS BKTXXXXC 146 PER f
Chocolate Tortie 11b PS BKTXXXXC   PER h
Lilac Cream 11c PS   PER
Calico 12 1 PS BKTXXXBC 148 PER
Tortie & White Van 12 1w     PER
Blue Calico 12 2 PS BLTXXXBC 118 PER
Blue Tortie & White Van 12 2w     PER
Chocolate Calico 12 3 PS CHTXXXBC   PER
Chocolate Tortie & White Van 12 3w     PER
Lilac Calico 12 4 PS LITXXXXBC   PER
Lilac Tortie & White Van 12 4w     PER
Black & White 12a1 PS BKOXXXBC 1108 PER n03
Black & White Van 12a1w   1108 PER n01
Blue & White 12a2 PS BLOXXXBC 1106 PER a03
Blue & White Van 12a2w   1106 PER a01
Chocolate & White 12a3 PS CHOXXXBC   PER h03
Chocolate & White Van 12a3w     PER h01
Lilac & White 12a4 PS LIOXXXBC   PER c03
Lilac & White Van 12a4w     PER c01
Red & White 12a5 PS RDOXXXBC 1110 PER d03
Red & White Van 12a5w   1110 PER d01
Cream & White 12a7 PS CROXXXBC 1114 PER e03
Cream & White Van 12a7w   1114 PER e01
Brown Tabby & White 12a1t PS BROCXXBC 1142 PER n21 03
Blue Tabby & White 12a2t PS BLOCXXBC 1156 PER a21 03
Chocolate Tabby & White 12a3t PS CHOCXXBC   PER h21 03
Lilac Tabby & White 12a4t PS LIOCXXBC   PER c21 03
Red Tabby & White 12a5t PS RDOCXXBC 1140 PER d21 03
Tortie Tabby & White 12a6t PS BKTCXXBC   PER f21 03
Cream Tabby & White 12a7t PS CROCXXBC 1154 PER e21 03
Blue Tortie Tabby & White 12a8t PS BLTCXXBC   PER g21 03
Chocolate Tortie Tabby & White 12a9t PS CLTCXXBC   PER h21 03
Lilac Tortie Tabby & White 12a10t PS LITCXXBC   PER c21 03
Blue Cream 13 PS BLTXXXXC 150 PER g

C.F.A.* Codes listed are for male cats, female cats are odd numbers, eg; Black female is 109.  Also C.F.A has no special codes for Van  patterned Persians, a Black & White Van is has the same code as a Black & White Bicolor - 1108.
112** Peke Faced Red
TICA* Code is for Copper eyed cats unless otherwise stated.  Codes for Tabbies are for ‘Classic Tabby pattern’.
FIFE* Codes for Tabbies are for ‘unspecified Tabby pattern’.