This is our breeding queen, Frappant Dana (click on the picture to see her pedigree). Last year Dana gave birth to her first kitten and she has proved to be a very enthusiastic mother - too enthusiastic for her kitten who is not allowed out of her sight. 
    Dana had her second litter of kittens on June 7/8, 2002 and produced two Blacks, one Red & White and one Calico.


This is Purrinian Deirdre, Dana's first kitten born in May 2001 (click on the picture to see her pedigree). Next year we hope she will become a mother and be just as enthusiastic about kittens as her own mother.
This is Purrinian Dvash, another kitten of Dana, born in June 2002. Dvash lives at the Oscarbara cattery at Claverham near Bristol. She is now a mother of her own and had one Black kitten by Rowendale Tobias in July of 2003.
    For information about Dvash and her kitten pleas contact Barbara at
Oscarbara Delilah is our latest kitten, the daughter of Dvash. Hopefully she will start breeding in the late Summer of 2008 and maybe a show or two before then.

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